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by VerticalResponse
Hanson Digital, Inc., Photo Imaging Service, San Francisco, CA

2325 3rd St., #201
San Francisco, Ca 94107


Parking Stall Address:
948 Illinois St.
Stall #35

Welcome to Hanson Digital
We specialize in high-end drum scanning, digital imaging, commercial & fine art reproduction photography, fine art digital printing, and Web site design services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We also offer digital support and retouching services exclusively for photographers, designers, ad agencies, and artists.

We welcome you to explore our site for a full listing of services, ordering information, order forms, and to view our portfolio galleries.

By offering you detailed information about the process of bringing your art and/or photographs into digital format, we not only ensure quality results, but also save time and maintain economic budgets.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 415-558-9113 for more information.


Special Holiday Schedule
Hanson Digital will be closed from December 24 to January 2nd for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. We will reopen on January 3rd.

If you have an emergency order, or a job for the first week in January, please fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment here.

Studio News :::

The Epson Sure Color P20000 64" Printer Has Landed!
Hanson Digital is among the first to receive the new Epson SureColor SC-P20000 64" Printer. With the latest UltraChrome Pro ink technology, our archival ratings raise to 200 years for color prints and an amazing 400 year rating for black and white prints. These are some of the most archival digital prints obtainable today on a variety of fine art and photo papers.

Learn more about our Fine Art Printing Services >>

New Carbon Black & White Printing
Come in to see our amazing Black & White Piezography Carbon process - an Epson 9900 with 2 sets of custom B/W Piezography inks which includes 10 shades of Carbon based Black and gray inks. This printing system is unique in that we can utilize a full set of warm tone Carbon pigments as well as a full set of cooler tone Selenium pigments during printing. This gives us the ability to split tone between each ink set to offer truly unique archival Black & White prints on beautiful cotton rag papers.

This unique and archival process uses only black and grey inks - no color inks are used, which means no color casts in your black and white prints and they are extremely stable. The split toning can be controlled separately between highlights, mid tones and shadows offering an infinite amount of tonal variations. You really have to see these prints in person to see how wonderful they really are.

Learn more about our Carbon B&W Printing Services >>

G7 GRAcol and SWOP Certified/Verified Proofs
Contract quality G7 verified prepress proofing is available for all of your jobs going to a press. If your printer is G7 Certified you'll be able to use these proofs as final press proofs. The benefit is you'll be able to work directly with us on your color critical project and we can output proofs in house, complete with verification. Our proofs are accurate to a tolerance of 2 Delta E (dE).

Learn more about our Prepress Proofing Services >>

Direct Digital Artwork Reproduction/Copy Photography
We can now photograph original artwork for reproduction with our direct digital capture 4x5 scanning back. With our new state-of-the-art, 386-megapixel scanning back, combined with our museum-approved heat-free lighting system, we can create high-resolution, direct digital copy work for original art up to 8' wide.

Learn more about our Artwork Scanning & Photography Services >>

Latest Blog Entries :::

Gallery Exhibition - Michael La Rocco

Ian Ruhter spacer Ian Ruhter spacer Ian Ruhter

Corporate marketing imagery prompts a closer look at homelessness in the pop-up installation "San Francisco: Lived In," by photographer Michael La Rocco. (more...)

Photography - Ian Ruhter

Ian Ruhter spacer Ian Ruhter spacer Ian Ruhter

Experience Ian Ruhter's uniquely modern take on a very old photographic process—wet-plate collodion—with images shot all across North America from a custom-designed mobile camera. (more...)

Art Exhibition - Sarah Soward

Sarah Soward spacer Sarah Soward spacer Sarah Soward

Come take a fresh look at animals with Sarah Soward and Sharon Eisley in the two-woman show ÔÇťAnimals and Archetypes." (more...)

Gallery Exhibition - Richard Nyhagen

Richard Nyhagen spacer Richard Nyhagen

Photographic silkscreen prints by Richard Nyhagen at the Inclusions Gallery in San Francisco show the beauty of decay in our urban spaces. (more...)

Art Exhibition - Seth Fields

Seth Fields spacer Seth Fields spacer Seth Fields

Printmaker Seth Fields adapts old-school woodblock printing to contemporary subjects in a show at South Park's Cafe Centro. (more...)

Art Exhibition - Traci Griffin

Traci Griffin spacer Traci Griffin spacer Traci Griffin

"Choice of the year" photographer Traci Griffin displays her surrealist images in a solo show at 111 Minna Gallery. (more...)

Art Exhibition - Nico Michael Mavris

Nico Michael Mavris spacer Nico Michael Mavris spacer Nico Michael Mavris

Experience the joyous energy of youth despite hardhships in the photographs of Nico Michael Mavris, in an exhibit sponsored by the Sahwira Fund, at Gallery Sur, Carmel. (more...)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call
415-558-9113 for more information.